Supreme Save the Date with Tie the

Supreme Save the Date: Bow Tie Heart / Designed by Lupa and Pepi for Tie the
Tie the Knot is an organization that sells limited edition bow ties with proceeds supporting organizations that fight for civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans. Founded by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (of Modern Family fame!) and his husband Justin Mikita, the organization advocates for "a more stylish and equal America". With the Supreme Court currently hearing arguments on marriage equality, Tie the Knot is launching a campaign called Supreme Save the Date to raise awareness and make a powerful statement. A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited to take part! 

Lupa & Pepi contributed save the date designs which are available for personalization on Supreme Save the Date's website! Couples can select a design and input their names, wedding date, and the state in which they live. They can even address their save the date to a Supreme Court justice! In turn, Tie the Knot will print and deliver all of the save the dates to the Supreme Court while they're making their decision — a powerful message that we're proud to be a part of!

Guess what? Great news! Paper versions of each of the save the dates we designed for the Supreme Save the Date campaign along with matching wedding suites are
available for a limited time in our shop for personalization and ordering! Place and order and a portion of the proceeds will go towards Tie the Knot! ***UPDATE: Although these limited edition invitation suites are no longer available in our online shop, we can accommodate special orders. Just email us at and let us know you'd like more info!***

Supreme Save the Date: Ombré Butterfly / Designed by Lupa and Pepi for Tie the
The save the date at the top of this post entitled "Bow Tie Heart" was inspired by the motto upon which Tie the Knot is founded —"advocating for a more stylish and equal America". Other save the date layouts we designed are inspired by colors and symbolism associated with the cause. There are also two that are inspired by papergood suites in our very own shop — Geometrica and Petalo (see below)!

Supreme Save the Date: Geometrica / Designed by Lupa and Pepi for Tie the
Supreme Save the Date: Petalo / Designed by Lupa and Pepi for Tie the
We were honored to be a part of this campaign. Hopefully very soon everyone will be able to say "I do"! 
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Sunday Pasta Dinner: Carbonara

Aside from design and papergoods, my other passion is cooking. More specifically — cooking pasta! I've taken it upon my self to learn how to make all of the dishes that Lupa and Pepi made when I was growing up. The latest dish that I've been perfecting is carbonara. As my husband says "fat equals flavor" and boy oh boy does this dish deliver!

I've been working with is Mario Batali's Spaghetti alla Carbonara recipe and there are a few things that I've learned thus far. First of all — since there are only a few ingredients, it's imperative that each is high quality. This is what will bring the dish to the next level. Also, timing is everything with carbonara so have all of the ingredients grated, chopped and ready to go! 

INGREDIENTS clockwise from top left
– Freshly Grated Parmigiano-Reggiano: Grab a chunk of Parmigiano, a grater and get grating! While it's not as easy as opening a package and dumping it in the bowl, it will be so worth it!

– Pancetta: Skip the pre-packaged, already chopped up pancetta and hit up the deli counter. Ask the butcher to cut it as thick as possible. 

– Pasta: I usually would use something twirlable (e.g. bucatini) but in this instance, I'm using this bag of spaccatelli from Sfoglini. My husband recently surprised me with their pasta of the month (he knows the way to my heart!). Their pasta is fresh, super tasty and two bags arrive every month — perfetto!

– Freshly Ground Black Pepper: Key here is "fresh" — whether you have a spice grinder or a pepper mill, make sure that pepper is freshly ground!

– Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: I know I've been touting "quality, quality" but here is one ingredient in this recipe that doesn't need to be the best. Since it's getting heated up in the pan, it can be average joe olive oil. If you end up using any as a finishing, make that the good stuff!

– Eggs: This ingredient is the finishing touch on carbonara so if you're game, spring for the organic crazy expensive eggs and enjoy how delectable they make this dish!

One thing that feels missing to me in this recipe is garlic! My family usually adds it to the pan by the handful! Thus far I have not missed it because this recipe is so damn flavorful. That being said, don't be surprised if a couple Sundays from now garlic finds its way into my carbonara! Buon appetito!

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