DIY: Tassel Garland & Geometric Bunting

December 06, 2014 | Posted by Rachel Kashon

I'm thrilled to be hosting a workshop today for Darling Magazine and wanted to share the DIY here too! While this workshop is holiday themed, with a simple switch of the color palette the tassel garland (top) and bunting (bottom) can be used for party decor any time of year!

For step by step instruction on how to make the tassel garland, check out our DIY: Paper Garland video (fast forward to 1:00 if you'd like to skip the dot garland DIY). And here's a download for geometric bunting instructions and a printable alphabet template. We've included the entire alphabet from A to Z and threw in some fun symbols too so that you can make your bunting say whatever you'd like! Have fun!!

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DIY: Paper Garland

April 29, 2012 | Posted by Rachel Kashon

download step-by-step instructions for paper garlands

A little garland turns a room into a party! Here’s two ideas for party decor that you can do at home with simple ingredients. They can be used separately or together. Either way, you will certainly create a cheery vibe for any celebration!

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