DIY: Personalized Organizing Boxes

DIY Decorative Box Organize Lupa and PepiLupa & Pepi’s studio space has a lot of stuff — paper, envelopes, scissors, punches, glue, boxes, tape… oh, don’t even get me started on how many types and how much tape, glue and other adhesives we have! As you can imagine when we’re in the midst of assembling an invitation suite, mocking up some decor or packaging an order, not only do we need space cleared to work but we need to know where to find things too! In order to accomplish this, I started covering boxes in decorative paper, labeling them and putting them on the shelves and in the supply closet of the studio. One might say that I’ve become obsessed with making decorative boxes but I think it’s a healthy obsession! I mean… everything is organized and it looks good too! In the midst of decorative box mania, I refined my technique and today it’s featured on Inspired by This! Give this DIY a try and I think you’ll dig having a place for everything and everything is in it’s place!

Photography by Emily Blake Photography

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Valentine’s Day Heart Garland

Valentine DIY Heart Lupa and Pepi Red Gold GlitterRemember making paper doll garland when you were little? Well, this Valentine DIY was inspired by that concept! It’s sure to spruce up the surroundings for your Valentine and it’s super simple to do! The instructions are featured over on the Inspired by This blog. As the IBT Girls so aptly put it, “Five supplies, about 20 minutes, and maybe a glass of wine, and you’re good to go!” Buon divertimento! Baci!!!

Photography by Emily Blake Photography

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Washi Tape Buffet Table Food Labels

It’s no secret that I love to cook! Luckily, my fiancé does too! When we’re having guests over, we can get quite into menu planning. If we throw a party where the food is served buffet style, I like to create labels so that everyone knows what they are eating — great for people’s own edification and also wonderful for people with diet restrictions.

Washi Tape Food Label Buffet Paper Source Instagram

Inspired by the Buffet Table Food Label DIY video that I did for Kin Community on behalf of Paper Source, these labels are very simple to make and you can purchase all of the ingredients with one trip to Paper Source! I selected place cards, stickers and washi to match the color palette of my party. To make this project even easier, Paper Source provides downloadable templates on their website so you can be sure the text lines up properly on each sticker! Using the template, I printed the menu items on oval labels and placed the labels layered with strips of washi tape on place cards. Et voila! It’s that simple! Here’s an overview of all of the food labels — and a sneak peek at our menu:

9 Washi Tape Food Label Buffet Paper Source Instagram

Besides Paper Source, another place that I find washi tape in fun colors and patterns is Kinokuniya — an international Japanese book store with 7 locations in the US. I’m lucky enough to have one nearby in downtown LA. If you are into paper as much as I am, you’ll find this place to be a treasure trove of tools and materials! If you happen to have a Kinokuniya nearby, I highly recommend a field trip! And if you ever have a hankering for a burbon drink, I highly recommend the Grilled Peach Old Fashioned — it’s so incredibly scrumptious in the most dangerous way!

Fonts: Carolyna Curvy & Nobel
Paper: “Pure White” Place Cards from Paper Source
Stickers: “Pool” Oval Stickers from Paper Source
Washi Tape: From Paper Source and Kinokuniya


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DIY: Pom Pom Garland

Whether you're hosting a birthday party, a shower or a summer picnic, this recipe for pom pom garland is a simple way to spruce up your digs. I bet you already have the ingredients necessary: string, cupcake liners (yes, cupcake liners!), glue stick & tape!

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DIY: Party Light Covers

Illuminate a garden party or rooftop soirée with a strand of twinkle lights that is dressed up to coordinate with your decor. Word to the wise: make sure you use a strand of lights that is LED. We don’t want the fire company making a guest appearance at your party!

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