Don’t Lie When the Truth is Sufficient

April 01, 2013 | Posted by MamamiaRita

Since today is April Fool’s Day, I felt this post from MamamiaRita was particularly appropriate… Enjoy!Saying Dont Lie Truth MamamiaRita

This is yet another saying that the nuns taught us in grammar school. Lying is an easy sin to commit as a young child, so it came up frequently in confessional. Often I did not truthfully answer the questions the priest asked, so by mentioning lying as my last sin immediately before I left the confessional, I felt I had covered all my bases. (This is not a very good thought process to use when going to confession!)

We have all been caught in a situation where the initial lie is small but becomes compounded and more complex as you sink deeper. It would have been much easier to just speak the truth, take the backlash, then move on with your life. Now, sometimes the truth is NOT sufficient.

Example: “Do I look heavy in this dress?”

No one wants to hurt somebody’s feelings. If you cannot be tactful & say:

“That is a beautiful color on you!”

“That style is slimming!”

Then just say: “No, you look fine.”

It is all in your choice of words. Truth & tact here go hand in hand.

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